Best 12, 16 and 14 Gauge Outdoor Speaker Wire

best outdoor speaker wire

The best outdoor speaker wire Matters!

Like it or not the quality of speaker wire you deploy in wiring and connections of your subwoofers will rub off on the overall quality of sound oozing out of your subs. Yes. Even the best subwoofer will perform terribly when paired with the wrong or poor quality speaker wire. Because most of the great subwoofers don’t usually ship out with wires included in them, it therefore become somewhat confusing and complex trying to choose the right one from tons of available options out there in the market places. Well, that’s about to change because right on this page you will find all the necessary and vital information required to learn how to pick the best subwoofer wire for any given sub system you might be presented with.

Determine the required gauge

The very first thing you need to sort out when trying to determine the right speaker wire is the right gauge for the connection. Note that the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire will be and the higher it’s potential will be at passing high quality amplified sound signal. You can select a wire gauge range from 12 to 16. Some basic things you should keep in mind when trying to choose the right gauge for your gig is your budget, quality of your musical components including the overall distance between the speakers and your amplifier keeping in mind that the overall distance the subs and the receiver can rub off on sound quality.

16 gauge speaker wire should always be opted for when using a cable that is equal to or less than 50 feet in length. Whereas…

14 gauge speaker wire should be selected when you are deploying a connection that requires more than 50 feet length of cable.

Thicker cables are recommended in scenarios where you are trying to hookup an audiophile-quality music system or a surround sound home theater setup as it will help filter out clear and crisp musical details.

Determine the how much cable length you need

Unlike some folks think figuring out the total length of cable required for pairing up your musical components is not hard or complex in any sense. Just get yourself a string and run it from the standpoint of your receiver to the different locations of your speaker taking care to line it along corners and sharp turns making sure that you leave ample slacks as acute turns can impede sound quality.

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