BIC PL-200 Acoustech Platinum Series Subwoofer

 BIC PL-200 Acoustech Platinum Series Subwoofer

More than 160 music enthusiast could have gotten it all wrong for rating this monster of a woofer with a 4 and half out of 5 positive star ratings! Just for a start the BIC PL-200 Acoustech Platinum Series Subwoofer is powered with an audiophile state-of-the-art BASH amplifier that can product maximum 1000 watts dynamic output. The front view of the BIC PL-200 is fitted with a nice rugged 12 inch Long-Throw Powered Subwoofer also featuring state-of-the-art BASH amplifier system. Out of the box, this monster can do a 1000 Watts Dynamic Peak Output, 250 Watts RMS Continuous with a frequency response of roughly 22 Hz. It also has built in adjustable crossover plus volume controls for easy and convenient adjustment of the volume level.

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BIC PL-200 Acoustech Platinum Series Subwoofer…

The BIC PL-200 Series Speaker is suitable for just about any kind of amplifier sound system you may have be it old or new improved sound systems.

If you decide to go for this powerful subwoofer, be rest assured that you will be paying for quality and durability because the sound oozing out of it is nothing short of perfection! If you have ever owned of the HTIB subs then you should get ready for an amazing experience as this woofer is really going to give your old HTIB a hard kick in the ass. With this monster you will be listening to clear, deeper and tighter bass. Although you should however keep in mind that the overall output of the speaker is dependent on your connection and the placement of your musical components.

For the clearest sound possible avoid placing it in the listening area of your living room behind a sofa and close to the wall because doing so will flush the sound port almost against the wall which obviously will make the unit sound terrible.

In conclusion…this sub will do just fine for the average music enthusiasts that is on budget looking for something simple and durable that delivers clear and clean sound with deep bass.

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