Factors to consider when Buying Subwoofers

how to buy subwoofersAre you planning to get your truck or home sound system an upgrade in terms of better performing 15 inch speakers or higher? If yes, then you are in good hands. Below, you will learn some crucial factors that can impact greatly on the overall performance and efficiency of any given speaker. Learning how these factors can affect the performance of a woofer will help you a great deal in selecting the ideal ones for yourself.

Subwoofer designs

The very first step you will want to consider when planning to get a new sub for your car or home entertain is the type of design to opt for. This is very important because different designs offer different features and functionalities thus getting yourself familiar with the many designs of music box enclosures as well as their functions will really help you in picking the right type of sub that will meet your needs. For instances, ported subs are known to utilize free inflow and out flow of air for the enhancement of music quality while a sealed kind of design blocks out air completely thus making it air tight. The sealed box design is great for low frequency response but experiences high cutoff. The bandpass design combines the functionalities of both design for a thunderous bass output.

Type of material Used in the Design

Another important factor you will want to consider when shopping around for a good speaker is the nature and quality of material used in the construction of the box. Different box material usually have different sound quality and the best we have come across is the fiberglass.  Not only does fiberglass allows for different shape styling of the boxes, it allows produces superior sound quality.

Other factors worth considering before buying any speaker includes; power frequency as well as the handling power of the unit.

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