Most Popular Subwoofer Boxe types and Designs

subwoofer designs and types

Discussed below are the 3 most popular types of subwoofer box types and designs for maximum power and bass boost.

Sealed Subwoofer Boxes

First on our list of top 3 most known designs for enclosure boxes is the famous sealed box design. This type of design is usually deployed when the intent is achieve accurate, deep and low frequency response by designing the box to be air tight. Musical instruments that perform at apex when hooked up to a deep bass extension and flat response subs usually warrant for this particular designs in sub boxes. One thing to note with this particular kind of design is that in most cases it usually required more power than other types that will be discussed in the preceding paragraphs. Also, the amplifier connected to sealed subs must be packed with plenty of power for maximum production. High cutoff points and lower sensitivity is unfortunately one of the shortcomings commonly experienced by this type of design. If you intend building out this type in the near future, take note of the recommended box size as building it with a much smaller size box can result in a tighter sound thus requiring more Amp power to push it.

Ported Box Design

Second on our list is the ported design. This type of design makes use of vent or port to amplify low frequency response. This is a true opposite of the sealed box as this one allows the free inflow and outflow of air within the enclosure. The port is carefully designed and calculated to ensure that it adjust the enclosure so that the wave at the back end improves that of the front end to bring about superior sound production.

Bandpass Enclosure

And finally, the bandpass enclosure. This is the combination of both ported and sealed designs. Also, it has by far the best bass production compared to the previously discussed types. In addition to its low power handling capability, it usually demands a much larger box for its design.

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