Polk Audio Psw505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Review

polk audio psw505 review

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Experience uncommon Bass with the polk audio psw505

Get your hands on the all new Polk Audio Psw505 and say hi to the world of high quality premium sound accompanied with heart pounding bass. This monster of a subwoofer handles just about thing sound including delicate string sections. Notwithstanding the affordable price tag on this little piece of technology, it is packed with plenty of power to deliver amazingly musical bass.

polk audio psw505 12-inch powered subwoofer

The Rare View

This is top on my recommendation list of powerful subwoofer systems for those folks looking for a sub that make their home theatre system sound like an IMAX theater. Without doubt it delivers crisp deep and loud sounding bass plus it handles the task of also reproducing several low off of your other subs whose power is not near to that of the polk audio subwoofer.

Make no mistake to loudness for the PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer from Polk to be rumble! At a very loud volume it is still able to produce clear and crisp sound for your listening and dancing pleasure. You literally feel as if your windows and door frames will break down if you manage to get the volume half way to about 50%. If you live in a neighborhood where noise is really frowned at then would not want to push the volume level as high as that because it can clearly be heard from say a good fifty feet away.

If you live in an apartment with a medium size living room like I do then you will be better off leaving the volume level at about 15% because I have found that level to always perform exceptionally well for me.

With all these being said let me round up this review by stating the categories of people that this sub may not be suitable for. Those living in the dormitory and also those residing in either a flat or a town house sounded by neighbors. Take my word for it because you really do not want your neighbors calling cops for you because of noise disturbances.

Features includes;

–          Large vents to boost bass production

–          It boost of Rock-solid MDF construction featuring 1 inch thick front baffle

–          Big 12-inch Long Throw Driver for longer excursion and better linearity

–          Regulating low pass crossover, phase switch as well as volume control

Setup of Polk Audio Psw505

Psw505 subwoofer

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