Pyle PADH152 15″ 8-WAY Pa Speaker Review

Pyle PADH152 15 8-WAY Pa SpeakerThe Pyle PADH152 15″ 8-WAY Pa Speaker is a bad-ass musical accessory when it comes down to who can produce the loudest and most heart pounding bass in the hood. It is a perfect set for just about any kind of party including birthdays and night clubbing parties. All you need to feel the power of this monster of a speaker is to simply hook it up to a powerful amplifier and sit back and feel the vibes pouring out of it. If I were to sum it up in one sentence then I do say that; it brings the life out of your music.

Although this is one of the top rated 15 inch Subwoofers out there in the market, I do however like to quickly chip in that my set where not delivered in the best condition that and eager buyer would have been envisioning. The carpets where a bit torn, the corners broken plus a few other dents here and there. What I don’t know however is whether these where sustained in transit while shipping or at the warehouse. But a little digging around on the internet revealed that I’m not alone in this dilemma. Other folks are also complaining of the same damages on their speaker on delivery. There are others with the opinion that it sure looks like Plye are more focus on producing cheap and affordable speakers that may not last for a very long period of time as we would have desired it to last.

My final say would be if you are on tight budget and looking for affordable speakers that can get the job done without any expectation of it lasting for a very long time, then this is a perfect choice to invest in but for those with handsome budget and are in the market for something that will survive many years of constant usage and abuses then I do suggest you move on to other more solid options.

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