Top Best Noise Cancelling DJ Studio Headphones under 100

best headphones under 100

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Whatever your need is, be it gaming, listening to your favorite playlist while jogging, or multitasking, engrossed on that action packed movie you just downloaded or that romance series you don’t want to end, headphones are your companion.

A good headphone gives you clear and crisp sound while blocking off noise from the environment leaving you to savour the moment when you are seeing the movie, listening to that music or making a call. A good earpiece must not really be steep in price, why buy a $500 headphone when you can get the best headphones far below $500 with nice quality.

What makes a good headphone is how the headphone project the sound to the hearer, the quality of design is another plus because we want that our headpiece to last very long for us, its comfort ability, even though it has a good sound and design but makes you uncomfortable at any one hour of wearing it, we become tired of the headphone and eventually drop it for a more comfortable one, added to these features are its noise cancellation capacity, its price and its durability. Reviewed below are three top headphones worth having which are below the $200, the $100 and the 50 dollar mark

3 Best Headphones Under 100

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Studio Monitor Closed-back Dynamic Stereo HeadphonesThis monster is worth its price, it has a single 3.4m cord which exit at the left cup of the headphone. The headband is adjustable and cushioned so all the parts that touches your head, its stereo connector is 3.5mm gold platted. They are very comfortable to the head, irrespective of the size. The ear cup has a nice fit to the head and even though it is huge in its size, it is not heavy and is confortable. They trap sound inside the headphones excellently, no matter how the volume is tuned up, people outside cannot hear what you are listening to.

they are not really noise cancelling headphone because they do not block outside noise 100% but they come very close to it, they do not seem to clearly output sound in the mid to mid-low range.

Bottom line- these headphone while been great for it cheapness and portability, can’t compare with higher quality headphones and is recommended to anyone who wants quality headphones without spending money

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