What are the Best Headphones for 2014 & 2015?

The best headphones doesn’t really have to be too expensive let’s get that point strengthened out first! With a fairly low budget you can get yourself a decent sounding headpiece that does not only plays exceptionally well with deeper and tighter bass production but is also super cheap and affordable. Before I go any further into this article let me quickly chip this in; let go of those cheap and poor sound production earpieces that are usually shipped along your new MP3 players and invest in quality ones because the type and quality of headphones you use in listening to music from you’re your iPod and other musical play library can truly make you experience music in a whole new level you never imagines possible!

What are the best headphones?

best headphonesThe best way for you to decide the ideal headphone that may be ideal for you is simply by walking you through the various types that are readily available. In the following paragraphs, we will try to summarize each of the different types of earpieces commonly seen around.

The Earbuds – these types are commonly shipped together with new music players. While they may be terrible at blocking out sounds and noises from other commuters, they seem to do well from the sound perspective. Another plus for earbuds is that they are very portable and thus fits perfectly well into small purses and handbags unlike the over-head ones that may be bulky and uncomfortable to move around with.

In-ear – the in-ears are also commonly abbreviated as IEMs (in-ear monitors). It usually feature earphones that are very similar to earbuds and are usually inserted inside the ear canal. These types are commonly seen used by musicians, audio technicians and in some cases even the audiophiles.

Over-Ear Headphones – there are basically two types including closed and open over-ear headphones. The closed design types are ideal for both home-listening and on-the-move kind of headphones provided you feel comfortable and at ease hanging it round your neck while walking or jogging.  Another plus for these types is that they are amazing at blocking out unwanted sounds from people near you. However, they are much more bulky than the earbuds and IEMs ones as such proofs to be a bit complicated to carry along as they usually take up much space inside the purse.

Dj-Style-just like the one just mentioned these are much more bulky in size and design and are mainly ideal for use inside studio and radio stations. These pros is they are play excellent sound and being too huge in size is one of their Cons.

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