What You Must Know Before Building a Great Subwoofer Enclosure

How to build subwoofer boxAt times it’s a bit difficult to find the right fit of subwoofer enclosure for your car. In such cases the right way I have found to get around such challenge is by simply getting a custom one built out for you according to your preferences. However if you would like to get down with building one out yourself and getting your hands dirty in the process then we have outlined the major requisites for building a great sounding 15 inches Speaker for your truck.

Figure out the dimensions of your desire enclosure

The very first step you will need to fulfill when starting out making a music box for your speakers is figuring out the dimension and size of your model. This step is very important because it determines the overall size and how big or large your design model will be after construction so choose wisely in order not to start afresh at the end of building what you initially thought would be a great box. For those of you guys that are not best pals with calculation there is nothing to be scared about as this in fact is really the fun and easy aspect. If you are building out a box for your vehicle, then simply get into the car with your measuring tape and note down the measurements of the space you want your speaker enclosure to occupy including the height, width and length all in inches. With the measurements taken, go ahead and calculate the volume of the enclosure.

Do calculation for the displacement

For those that are not familiar with what a displacement is, it is usually referred to as the empty space occupied by objects within an enclosure. For a successful and accurate determination of the right displacement for your enclosure, you will need to know the displacement (you must have already calculated that in the first section above) port as well as the bracing of the speaker.

To finally finish up your design, you will to figure out the angle enclosures as well as the angle with risers. With the above listed points handy, you are will on your way to building out one of the most powerful 15” subwoofers for your car.

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